[CentOS] RHCE Training

Wed Apr 23 18:01:34 UTC 2008
Shawn Everett <shawn at tandac.com>

There used to be an RHCE self assessment feature on the Red Hat site.  If
you pass that reasonably well you should be just fine to take the RHCE
exams.  I took the rapid track exam and passed with no problems.

My advice for the exams would be don't over think the questions and know
which man pages have examples you can gain experience from. :) 
Interestingly the pass rate isn't as high as I would have thought.


> I am possibly going to be sent for my RHCE training.
> Looking at
> https://www.redhat.com/courses/rh300_rhce_rapid_track_course_and_rhce_exam/details/
> I am thinking the concepts do not look difficult at all, having a manual
> and instructor makes this look fairly easy actually.
> The only thing that looks important to take outside of this would be rh253
> if I wasn't interested in taking the elementary courses.
> Anyone done the VT courses? To fit within the budget and get what I think
> I need, I might take the rh253vt before the rh300.
> Any thoughts or pointers from guys here who have done all this?
> Thanks!
> jlc
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