[CentOS] Networking help

Thu Apr 24 19:30:06 UTC 2008
Ray Leventhal <centos at swhi.net>

Chris Mason (Lists) wrote:
> I have a centos 4.0 box that has three network interfaces and is used 
> as router. It runs shorewall as a two-ISP firewall for a single LAN.
> This morning, the motherboard's LAN interface gave trouble, spewing 
> out IRQ problems, so I disabled it and changed the network cards. As I 
> only had two slots, I tried a dual NIC card, but it crashed the system 
> every time.
> Right now I am trying to fit two single NOCs in and to bring the 
> machine back up. However, I can;t get any traffic to route. The DHCP 
> ADSL card will not get an IP. I have used Kudzu to configure the new 
> cards, turned off Shorewall, but no matter what I do, teh cards can't 
> talk to the WAN or LAN. The ADSL is fine, my laptop gets and IP easily.
> Any ideas what I need to look for?
Hi Chris,

I'm no expert, but I'd be the HWADDR values in your 
/etc/sysconfig/ifcfg-ethx files need to be updated to reflect the new 
MAC addresses of the physical interfaces in the box.