[CentOS] ClamAV version(s)

Fri Apr 25 12:46:27 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

On Thu, 2008-04-24 at 10:20 -0700, Paul Heinlein wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Apr 2008, Sam Drinkard wrote:
> > I had clamav-milter working as well as clamd, then for some reason 
> > clamd stopped and would not create the socket.  After much hair 
> > pulling, I finally tracked the problem(s) down to /etc/clamd.conf.
> After enduring failed starts several times, I now just assume that the 
> ClamAV developers have changed configuration syntax any time there's a 
> version upgrade. I further assume that my configuration file will 
> contain obsolete or errant directives that will prevent the upgraded 
> clamd from starting.
> There's no such thing as a hands-off ClamAV upgrade. :-/

Why not? If you use all the current versions there is. yum remove what
you have or rpm -e what you have and Reinstall! Sort of hands off.

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