[CentOS] RHCE Training

Fri Apr 25 14:37:20 UTC 2008
Winslett, Chris <cwinslett at harbert.net>

My scores below.  What sucks is I missed SECTION I by one command (which
I looked up shortly after); ext2online still haunts me.

RHCE requirements:  completion of compulsory items (50 points)
                   overall section score of 80 or higher
RHCT requirements:  completion of compulsory items (50 points)

Compulsory Section I score:                        50.0
Non-compulsory Section I score:                    20.0
Overall Section I score:                           70

RHCE requirements: score of 70 or higher on RHCT components (100 points)
                  score of 70 or higher on RHCE components (100 points)

RHCT requirement:  score of 70 or higher on RHCT components (100 points)

RHCT components score:                             100.0%
RHCE components score:                             92.9%

RHCT Certification:                                PASS
RHCE Certification:                                NO PASS

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> My advice for the exams would be don't over think the questions and
> which man pages have examples you can gain experience from. :) 
> Interestingly the pass rate isn't as high as I would have thought.

Ha! I heard a story from someone back in 2001 that a company sent twelve

of their staff on a complete RHCE course, that is, through the basics 
all the way to the RH300. Only 2 got passing grades but not enough to 
get the certificate (things were a bit different then...it was a three 
part exam consisting of MC, Troubleshooting and Installation/Setup).

If anything, this is a good thing so we do not get paper RHCEs.
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