[CentOS] Re: NFS mount problems

Sat Apr 26 15:01:43 UTC 2008
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Anne Wilson wrote:

> This is a firewall issue.  If I turn off the firewall everything works. 
> NFS and SMB are marked as trusted services, but it seems that is not
> enough.
> Which ports need to be opened to use these services?  I googled and
> followed that advice, which didn't work, so now I have to ask here.

But surely lots of people are using NFS on their local LAN
without worrying about the firewall?

I know less than anyone else contributing to this thread about NFS,
but I occasionally find if I have tried to mount on the wrong LAN
(I have two WiFi LANs) that I have to give the IP address of the server,
viz "sudo mount /common".

I actually use the shorewall firewall,
but surely the standard firewall should allow any local LAN connection?