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Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com> wrote:

> CentOS is *not* for users new to Linux or Unix-like operatings 
> systems. It isn't. Full stop.

Hopefully what you mean is that it isn't designed specifically for users
that are new to Linux. It is a perfectly fine distribution for those wanting
to learn Linux, though the learning curve may be a bit steep.

Is there any distro designed to train new Linux users?


No there is none in my opinion.

CentOS Like RHEL is realy a network operating system. Thus, supporting
server applications mainly. IMHP, I would recommend a new user to it. Why?
Because it is a top notch Enterprise OS on the Desktop and Server.

I believe with the right education, teaching and awareness the user has
endless options unlike with a Microsoft OS. All of that depends on how the
community responds to helping and providing help, which is slowly evolving.
Your going to see a lot more "New Users" at the End of Life for Windows XP.
I realy do not think people want to fork out 300 - 400 dollars for

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