[CentOS] DVD reader: Hardware problem or OS glitch?

Mon Apr 28 22:27:44 UTC 2008
Mike Peterson <mpeterson at mail.charlesfurniture.com>

I have yet to get a DVD to read in CentOS 5.
I can install from DVD and then reboot and then the DVD drive is no longer
It works with several live CD and DVD images with no problems however.
This is on an HP system.
I think it is an OS problem.

I will test in some other systems and let you know my results.

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On 26 April 2008, Anne Wilson wrote:
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> The support page for the Dell Dimension 4300 is dated 2001.  If that's
> the approximate age, it's quite possible that it doesn't read DVDs.
> My Packard Bell of similar age sometimes can read one, sometimes
> can't, but it's not really supposed to, I think.

Anne: This is something that worked fine, for several years. It was my
box, before my daughter got it, and I used the DVD drive, without
problems. That it works OK in MS Windows XP and that I can boot the box
from the same DVD, without problems, has me leaning more toward a
problem with CentOS 5 Mounting the DVD, in that box. If it is a HW
problem, I would think the problem would also appear in Windows and when
I boot from that DVD. However, that it works OK, in 2 other Desktops,
would possibly indicate a HW problem in that box. TIA, Lanny

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