[CentOS] f/oss routing solution?

Tue Apr 29 21:21:37 UTC 2008
John Bowden <j-alan at btconnect.com>

On Sunday 27 April 2008 18:23:18 Rogelio wrote:
> I'm looking for an open source router solution, and someone from the list
> recently recommended zebra (www.zebra.org). I haven't yet identified all my
> needs, but I'm guessing that it will do all my routing needs for a, say,
> class C set of IP addresses, particularly if I ever have to do anything
> BGP-related.
> Anyone have any pointers before I delve in?  Or possibly a recommendation
> for another open source routing solution?  Yeah, I know about Cisco stuff,
> but I'm hoping to limp along on a shoestring budget until I get a few more
> things in place, then I'll rethink everything.

Hi Rogelio
There is / was a project called something like the CD router project. It would 
turn an old PC with all the PCI slots filled with NIC's and a CD ROM drive 
into a router. Don't know if its still around and I'm not on line at the 
moment to have a look. I'm almost sure I have a copy on CD at home some 
where, if you want let me know and I will have a look for it.

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