[CentOS] Help: Server security compromised?

Morten Nilsen morten at runsafe.no
Wed Aug 6 06:26:46 UTC 2008

Bent Terp wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 7:48 AM, Noob Centos Admin
> <centos.admin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> /sbin/iptables -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -s -j DROP
> I'd recommend you add the extra rules by editing
> /etc/sysconfig/iptables instead. At least that way you can be sure
> they'll survive restarts off iptables.

I rather prefer to add rules using the command and then issuing
service iptables save
when I'm adding one or two simple rules..
If completely redesigning the firewall or adding in many complex rules,
then I edit the iptables file.

Cheers, Morten

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