No IPv6 - Re: [CentOS] vncserver on IPv6

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Tue Aug 12 17:49:32 UTC 2008

Triggered by your comments below about the log...

Rob Lockhart wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 12:01 PM, Robert Moskowitz 
> <rgm at <mailto:rgm at>> wrote:
>         On Fri, Aug 8, 2008 at 3:55 PM, Robert Moskowitz
>         <rgm at <mailto:rgm at>
>         <mailto:rgm at <mailto:rgm at>>> wrote:
>              IPv6 support in VNC Server E4.1.7/P4.1.2
>            VNC Server E4.1.7 & P4.1.2 are fully IPv6-aware, but is shipped
>            with IPv6 support disabled by default, for security
>         reasons. IPv6
>            can be enabled by setting "InTransports=IPv6,IPv4" (the default
>            being IPv4 only), either on the command-line when starting
>            vncserver under Unix
>            Ok.  we have vnc-server-4.1.2-9.el5.i386.rpm, so it SHOULD
>         support
>            IPv6.
>            Don't know how to add a setting to the command-line, as I rund
>            VNCserver via the service command, but I added it to
>            /etc/sysconfig/vncservers:
>            InTransports="IPv6"   (note I also tried without the quotes)
>            and netstat -na|grep 5902
>            shows vncserver only running on IPv4 and I can only connect
>         to it
>            via IPv4.
>            So what am I missing?????
>     Rob Lockhart wrote:
>         In /etc/sysconfig/vncservers I have something like this:
>         VNCSERVERS="1:myusername"
>         VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 1400x1050 -depth 16 -localhost"
>         (so I can only use localhost, which means I only allow
>         connections over ssh or from the local machine).
>         Yours might be something like this:
>         VNCSERVERS="1:robert"
>         VNCSERVERARGS[1]="-geometry 1400x1050 -depth 16
>         InTransports=IPv6,IPv4"
>     Well first my line has [2].  I changed that to [1] and tried all
>     sorts of variants to the above, including putting a - infront of
>     InTransports (like other options), and replacing the = with a
>     space.  No listening on IPv6.
>     I have foudn the RealVNC support mailing list and sent a question
>     there, hopefully to get answers.  But if anyone has anything to
>     suggest here, please do.
> Robert,
> I recently reinstalled VNC - actually "TightVNC" as it's better than 
> VNC for bandwidth.  If you type "Xvnc -h" you'll see all the 
> parameters supported.  I didn't see any options for IPv6 in my 
> version.  But yours might indeed have more options.
> I noticed that the default /etc/init.d/vncserver script seemed to be 
> ignoring my parameters for VNCSERVERARGS as in the log file, it showed 
> listening for all hosts (not just local hosts).  This was confirmed by 
> connecting directly from another machine to the VNC server port (:1 
> which is port 5901).  I had an older version of the vncserver script, 
> and I overwrote the one from the repository with that one, and it took 
> my parameters.  However, the parameters I can confirm are working 
> are:  "-nolisten tcp -localhost -desktop RobHome -geometry 1280x1024".

Dah, log file...

First I stared at the vncserver script.  I am not a script writer, but I 
figured out what VNCSERVERARGS has the [1] after it.  That is for the 
ARGS for screen :1!  So if I use 2, the I need [2], dah.  So I did that 
and NO listening for port 5902.  I went and read the log and found that 
intransport is NOT a valid option....

So now I either go to a different remote console that does support IPv6, 
or get the Personal version from RealVNC.  Interestingly, vncviewer IS 
trying to connect over IPv6 it is sending TCPv6 SYNs out and getting 

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