[CentOS] Checking last shutdown state

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Thu Aug 14 22:36:21 UTC 2008

Joseph L. Casale wrote:

> Using apcupsd, the silly thing is I have a custom script that I have tested
> very well for shutdown of all the vm's (mix of p/hvm's). None of the DomU's
> or
> Dom0 shutdown right.

> Sound right? Or do even I have this wrong?

I like NUT(Network UPS tools) myself mainly for the web based interface
for monitoring UPSs, and the ability to monitor lots of UPSs simultaneously
from one spot(I modified the cgi script so I could embed it in html see
http://portal.aphroland.org/ as an example). And of course it supports
tons of different UPSs, not just APC (I've personally only tested APC
and Cyberpower).

(not sure if/where there are RPMs for it)

I haven't had a chance yet to test how it works with vmware(have not
used Xen myself). Though vmware is configured to shut down the VMs
when the host shuts down, I don't need the ups client in the guest

At my last company I had about a dozen UPSs to monitor and it was
nice being able to see their status all at the same time from one
web site. Also there is a nagios plugin for NUT as well which
works seamlessly(though NUT changed their protocol in one of their
recent major revisions).

vmware:/usr/lib/nagios/plugins# ./check_ups -H localhost -u apc
UPS OK - Status=Online Utility=119.0V Batt=100.0% Load=25.0%
|voltage=119000mV;;;0 battery=100%;;;0;100 load=25%;;;0;100

Sorry if this doesn't exactly answer your question :)


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