[CentOS] Re: DRBD 8.2 crashes CentOS 5.2 on rsync from remote host

Jed Reynolds lists at bitratchet.com
Wed Aug 13 18:32:22 UTC 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 8-14-2008 12:55 AM Chris Miller spake the following:
>> nate wrote:
>>> Chris Miller wrote:
>>>> I've got a pair of HA servers I'm trying to get into production.
>>>> Here are some specs :
>>> [..]
>>>> [root at haws1 ~]# BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at
>>>> virtual address c
>>> This typically means bad RAM
>> While I won't rule this out, my local hardware vendor does a 48 hour 
>> burn-in
> When the servers are shipped to you, do you open them and make sure 
> all modules are seated completely, and haven't been dislodged by the 
> shipping?

+1 on hardware issues...I won't name names, but once recently I ordered 
two identical systems and I had to send one of them back FOUR times: two 
bad raid controllers, bad ram, and bad motherboard. This was all started 
about 4 weeks into production. I don't know if the vendor was actually 
doing burn-in, but I've seen pleny of damage from shipping. Do your own 
memory testing and line up another (nearly identical) server to verify 
the problem.

Good luck,


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