[CentOS] Dell Perc snmp

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Thu Aug 21 18:28:11 UTC 2008

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> I am trying to help a friend with a 2850 and snmp monitoring of a controller
> and its arrays.
> I don't have any dells, do they have a rpm to make easy work of this for the
> Percs? They have
> a monitoring solution already. Any hints I could pass on would be
> appreciated!

I haven't tried to setup Dell's SNMP stuff, but I did download their
driver development kit and wrote a perl script to wrap around their
"raidcfg" utility to detect a bad(missing) disk.

[root at pd1-bgas01 ~]# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_dell_raid
OK: Both drives OK in disk subsystem
  Controller: PERC 4e/Si
    VDisk ID: 0
        Size: 286080 MB (279 GB)
        Type: RAID 1
 Read Policy: Adaptive Read Ahead
Write Policy: Write Back
Cache Policy: Direct I/O
 Stripe Size: 64
      Drives: 0:0:0,0:1:0

The script assumes that there are only 2 disks, and if it doesn't
see two disks in the Drives: line will spit out a warning.

It does require root access so my nagios calls sudo in order to
call the script.

The script is here

I'm not a programmer so my scripts aren't the neatest by anyone's
standards I'm sure but it does work for me I have it deployed to
about 75 systems at the moment and it runs every 5 minutes. I
did find that the raidcfg tool that dell provides does seem to
crash some systems(2850s if I recall), but that could be because
the kernel was too old or something. The script checks the model
of the server and will refuse to run unless it matches.

I believe the source dell files are here:

I install these RPMs on my system for comparison:

(the dell-dtk rpm is a custom one I built with the dell tools, the
rest are direct from dell).

I've only tested these on CentOS 4.x and RHEL 4.x. Have not tested
on 5.x.

Certainly wasn't as easy as using HP's hpacucli utility that is
available to scan HP's storage arrays.


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