[CentOS] unix2dos did NOT fix line wrap problem on PC

John Bowden j-alan at btconnect.com
Thu Aug 28 17:56:53 UTC 2008

On Thursday 28 August 2008 18:05:26 Stephen Moccio wrote:
> On the pc - open the file using wordpad.
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> On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 9:57 AM, mcclnx mcc <mcclnx at yahoo.com.tw> wrote:
> > I have log files will mail from LINUX to my PC (MS exchange and outlook).
> >
> > When I look the E-MAIL, the log file line is unwrap.  My script did use
> > "unix2dos" to convert format.  anyone know why?
> >
> >
> > ======   script   =============
> >
> > tail -30 /var/log/messages > /tmp/diskmsg.log
> > unix2dos /tmp/diskmsg.log
> > mail  -s "Check log" dba101 at yahoo.com  </tmp/diskmsg.log
> unix2dos has nothing to do with the length of a line. It only changes
> the line-end characters that occur when a new line is specifically
> indicated (i.e. at the end of each log entry).
> Wrapping is entirely a function of the program in which you are
> viewing the text. So tweak your Outlook to wrap or not-wrap as you see
> fit.

Do a google search for "pfe.exe" (Programmers File Editor). Its a freeware 
windoz text editor that handles linux / Unix or dos / windows end of line 
characters with out any problems. If you can't find it e mail me off list and 
I can attach it to my reply, its only a 2/3mb file.
Regards John

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