[CentOS] Using CentOS 5 as server; best way to setup NFSv4?

Fri Aug 1 23:27:50 UTC 2008
Ryan Dunn <oryandunn.ml at gmail.com>

I've got a server running CentOS 5.2 and has a working NFSv4 server.  I've
been looking for some help on this on the net, but haven't come across
anything that looks like it would pertain to my situation.

Basically, I've got a mixed distro environment (CentOS, Fedora, openSuSE,
Ubuntu, Puppy, and yikes possibly a Windows box) on various desktops and
laptops that I want to connect to my server.  Currently, I've got it setup
so that it is only NFSv4 with a host mask.  My first concern is that it
authenticates to the machine, not the user.  Second, that the user is
identifed by the UID on the local machine, not the actual user name.  Since
Centos/Fedora start UID at 500 and Ubuntu/opensuse start at 1000, even
though the names are the same, UID is not.  I'd rather not have to reID on
half my machines Third, I know I'll need samba for the windows box.  So, if
someone were to get on my local network and have the same uid as I have,
then they could mount my shares as rw and have at it.

The ideal situation is that a user would logon to a local box, then when he
wants to access a share, it sends the credentials to the server, and mounts
the share.  This is all for my home setup; basically, I'd like to have my
directories be mounted rw for myself, but if i have guests over, have them
be able to mount read only (sharing pictures with family memebers that have
laptops, etc).

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