[CentOS] Good reference for dkms?

Fri Aug 8 23:58:47 UTC 2008
MHR <mhullrich at gmail.com>

I've just built the nvidia driver for my home machine for the third
time and I'd like to put it into a dkms format, but I'm not entirely
clear on what goes where to make this work.  I googled for a good
primer on dkms, but what I'm finding is essentially equivalent to the
man page, which, like most Unix/Linux man pages, doesn't really tell
you "how to do this from scratch."

I'm using nvidia's latest driver, r. 173.14.09, which seems to be more
recent than the last one I have from rpmforge (1.0.9755, IIRC),
although I'm not sure I really need anything other than the rpmforge

Should I
1) revert to the rpmforge version and re-add it back into the dkms
tree?  IIRC, this wasn't that hard to do, 'cuz it was meant to be done
in the first place.
2) try to bungle my way through with the newest one from nvidia?

Or is there a really good primer on dkms that tells what to put where
and how to create a proper dkms.conf file (and where)?