[CentOS] Dual video card, 1 monitor each (ref dual head) CentoS4.6 xorg does only 1 head [SOLVED]

Sat Aug 9 14:42:16 UTC 2008
William L. Maltby <CentOS4Bill at triad.rr.com>

On Tue, 2008-07-22 at 10:16 -0700, MHR wrote:
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SYNOPSIS: In case you missed or lost the start of this thread, I was
setting up two displays, one per video card, on my CentOS 4.6. This was
testing before applying the same setup to my 5.2 system, upon which I
run an application critical to me.

The kudzu detection worked correctly and system-config-display (a
symlink to consolehelper) generated a new xorg.conf.


In the second Section "Device" it inserted "Screen 1". This is an error
*unless* there is a second port on the video card and it is being used.
In that case it is mandatory.

> HTH, and ROR (Rots 'O Ruck, as opposed to LOL :-)

Well, didn't get it on the net within a reasonable (? excessive knowing
me) number of searches and threads read. So I decided to make my own

Genetically, I'm predisposed to banging heads (usually my own,
occasionally heads of others) against brick walls. So I naturally
started reading man pages. I guess I'm masochistic to some degree.

Anyway, about the third one I looked at, xorg.conf, it started laying
out the options and their meanings.

As soon as I saw the description of the "Screen" parameter, I knew
because that card I added doesn't have a second port. The primary card
does have the standard analogue, DVI and S-video outputs. Maybe the
configurator is not intelligent enough to discern between the two cards
when they are both the same chip sets.

Anyway, hurdle 1 cleared. Now to get it to do what I want it too -
spread one view port across the two monitors.

Thanks to all those who responded and tried to help.

If anyone would test and confirm this is not site-specific, I will post
a bug on it. I'll also be doing this on my 5.2 in the near future. I'll
be interested to see if the bug exists there also.

> mhr
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