[CentOS] NFS issues

Tue Aug 12 12:27:16 UTC 2008
Johan Swensson <johan.swensson at apegroup.com>

So I'm running nfs to get content to my web servers. Now I've had this 
problem 2 times (about 2 weeks since the last occurrence).
I use drbd on the nfs server for redundancy. Now to my problem:

All my web sites stopped responding so I started by checking dmesg and 
there I found a bunch of this errors

Aug 11 16:00:39 web03 kernel: lockd: server not responding, timed out
Aug 11 16:02:39 web03 kernel: lockd: server not responding, timed out

But when checking the nfs server lockd was running and I could access 
all the files from the webserver with ls, cd etc.

The logs on the nfs server doesn't say anything of interest and checking 
apaches error_log just says "not found or unable to stat".

Now I mentioned this have happened 2 times and both these times I've 
"solved" it by rebooting the nfs server and web servers. This isn't a 
good solution to have to reboot my servers every couple of weeks so I 
really could use some help. :)

Also I get this from time to time on the web servers, dunno if it's related.
/do_vfs_lock: VFS is out of sync with lock manager! /
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