[CentOS] gftp crashing on IPv6 to vsftp

Fri Aug 15 19:30:15 UTC 2008
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

I am running vsftp pretty much 'out of the box', though I turned off 
IPv4 and have it listening on IPv6.

I have stopped ip6tables, as the simple rule to enable port 21 is not 
allowing gftp to connect (pasv mode, I think).

gftp to the IPv6 address, it connects and gets a directory listing.  I 
am running gftp from my normal login userid, connecting to my normal 
login userid on the server.

But when I try to download or upload a file, gftp just crashes.  Nothing 
in /var/log on either system.

Any advice?