[CentOS] iscsi and the last mile...

Wed Aug 20 16:07:32 UTC 2008
Scott R. Ehrlich <scott at MIT.EDU>

I have a new Dell PowerEdge 2950 running CentOS 5.0 out-of-box and a Dell 
MD3000i.   I am new to iscsi and, with google and included documentation, 
am having a heck of a time trying to get the RAID volumes I have created 
on the 3000i to be seen by the OS as usuable drives.    I have printed out 
SMcli and iscsiadm documentation.

I have asked on the linux-poweredge at dell.com site, too.

Many leads, but there is something - be it a command, setting, or whatever 
else, that is just eluding me.

How do I get the RAID devices seen on my C 5.0 box?

The setup is currently on an isolated LAN and has no valuable data - all 
testing and experimenting by me, for now, to learn how it works, before 
putting it into production.

Thanks for any and all leads.