[CentOS] Adding new Hard disk to server with RAID-5

Sat Aug 23 02:35:15 UTC 2008
Lunix1618 <lunix1618 at gmail.com>

Hi all,

I have Dell 2950 III with RAID-5 installed and managed by hardware Raid 
controller, I also use LVM when install CentOS. Now I get more 03 Hard 
disk and I would like to add it in to the running system. My question is:

1) if new hard disks add in to the machine, I have to rebuild the RAID 
volume with RAID management (raid controller) and the volume will be 
expanded, but is that make any problem to LVM at OS level ?

2) if (1's) answer is YES, what I need to do to prevent trouble occur ?

If any one exprience or know the place can help me start pls share. 
Sorry for the dumb question but I never did this before as a newbie 
Linux admin - I am 'handmade' former....Windows admin

Thanks for your help.