[CentOS] Strategy for using CentOS on laptops in an NIS environment

Thu Aug 28 00:45:05 UTC 2008
Alfred von Campe <alfred at von-campe.com>

We use NIS (ypbind) and Kerberos at work for all our Linux and Unix  
systems.  Home directories are mounted via autofs from an NIS map.   
Everything works just fine as long as all network resources are  
available (however, things turn ugly when the NIS servers are not  
reachable).  Some users also want to start using laptops and bring  
them home or on trips to continue working while not at the office.   
Of course, their home directories won't be available and neither will  
other network resources.

Creating local accounts with the same UIDs and local home directories  
solves most of the problems.  However, I can't create a local account  
with useradd while ypbind is running because it complains that that  
account already exists.  Is there a better way to create a local  
account then "service ypbind stop; useradd...; service ypbind  
start"?  What are other strategies that you use to deal with off- 
network use in an NIS environment?