[CentOS] PXE Booting floppy image

Fri Aug 1 09:28:48 UTC 2008
Peter Kjellstrom <cap at nsc.liu.se>

On Friday 01 August 2008, Mogens Kjaer wrote:
> Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> ...
> > but this is a 2.88meg floppy and memdisk wont boot it?
> Strange; according to /usr/share/doc/syslinux-3.70/memdisk.txt
> memdisk can handle 2.88M floppies. What is the exact size of
> the floppy image file?

I can confirm that the memdisk from the centos-5 pkg syslinux-3.11-4 does 
indeed boot 2880K floppy images.

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