[CentOS] SLightly OT - Seamonkey still crashes at random

Fri Aug 1 18:26:20 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

MHR wrote:
> I've noticed recently that even my 32-bit, formally release SM v
> 1.1.11 still crashes at random.  It used to happen when I tried to
> access certain interesting websites (no, not THOSE, Yahoo moderation
> pages), but today it crashed when I was managing my bookmarks and
> tried to move on from one folder to another.
> Has anyone else noticed this kind of instability in SM (or FF, for
> that matter, but mainly SM)?

I use the firefox-3 32 bit version that is supplied with centos.  I keep 
it open days at a time and it is stable almost all the time.

It does sometimes fail, but that is almost always if I am using 
something flash related.  I do not have many plugins (mplayer, flash, 
java, adobe reader).

I am using this on a 32 bit install.

> Just curious.

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