[CentOS] 'initrd' image of CentOS (domU) on Ubuntu (dom0)

Fri Aug 1 21:27:52 UTC 2008
Admin Admin <qmt9z3 at yahoo.com>

> > What is the best way to get the xen enabled CentOS
> 5.2
> > vmlinuz and initrd images for use as a guest
> domain
> > (domU) on Ubuntu host domain (dom0).
> virt-install on a CentOS 5.2 system and transfer the
> image over to Ubuntu.

Could I do it on any system or a system with similar
architecture? Is it possible to generate the initrd
using a live CD?

> > Admin Admin
> Please use something better.
> Kai

I have checked my profile and I had the name listed
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Yahoo is slapping it onto the mail message from
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