[CentOS] DVI + VGA?

Fri Aug 1 22:44:53 UTC 2008
Chris Brentano <chris.brentano at jivesoftware.com>

If they're both the same output (i.e. not individual outputs, but just  
different media options) then I'd say yes. But if they are distinct  
outputs (say for a multi-monitor setup) then one may be display #1 and  
the other #2. If it's integrated video on your motherboard there may  
be options in your BIOS, but if it's an add-on card then maybe consult  
the manufacturer's website.

On 1 Aug, 2008, at 3:40 PM, MHR wrote:

> I have an LCD monitor with both VGA and DVI connectors on it, and a
> video card to match (both connectors).  If I want to switch from the
> VGA (currently in use) to the DVI, do I need to do anything special
> other than switch wires?  I didn't see anything in google that was
> helpful (though I may not have used a smashing search...).
> Thanks.
> mhr
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