[CentOS] 64bit vs 32bit

Mon Aug 4 06:20:44 UTC 2008
Michael A. Peters <mpeters at mac.com>

Matt wrote:
> I am upgrading a server that mounts in a rack.  Its going on the
> cheapest socket 775 CPU I can buy and in a 1u rack case.  All its for
> is keeping some log files and doing some simple MYSQL/PHP database
> stuff.  Not a work horse at all.  Anyway, is it better to go 64bit or
> 32bit for the CentOS 5.x install?  I do not see needing huge amounts
> of RAM or anything like that on this box.  Would the 32bit version be
> more tried, proven and stable?

Go 64 bit. Databases tend to grow, even when you don't think they will.


Just my opinion.