[CentOS] Reloading /etc/hosts

Mon Aug 4 14:16:44 UTC 2008
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> I am doing some testing and am having to make many changes to /etc/hosts
>> Is there a way to reload the /etc/hosts file without doing a service  
>> network restart?
> That doesn't need to be reloaded *except* if you use the name service
> caching daemon (nscd). Then "service nscd reload" might be needed.
Probably my memory cells were working off of nscd and I had cached 
memories about needing to clear out cache.   :)

So I got my mind cache flushed and working with fresh info.

I am at hiit.fi today getting the HIP code working.  I will have a 
'story' to tell end of the week....