[CentOS] Re: Fetchmail pop server and clean spam messages

Mon Aug 4 16:26:33 UTC 2008
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 8-2-2008 12:04 PM Jay Leafey spake the following:
> nightduke wrote:
>> Hi i want to fetchmail from a pop server and check every email to any
>> rbl spamhaus,spamcop,etc and if match at any rbl the email will be
>> deleted.
>> It's possible to do this?
>> Thanks
>> Nightduke
> If you've got fetchmail configured to retrieve messages from a remote 
> MTA and deliver to a local MTA, say your local Sendmail instance, then 
> put the RBL-matching stuff in your Sendmail configuration.  The mail 
> will still be fetched but will be discarded by your local MTA before 
> dumping it in you local mailbox.
> In principle, it would be better to have the system you are fetching the 
> mail from do the RBL operations, but if you don't have control over it 
> then you really don't get much choice.  I'm using this setup myself and 
> it works, but it offends my aesthetic sense.  OTOH, I'm easily offended!
> Your mileage may vary.
Just remember in this situation, you need to dump all bad stuff, and not 
bounce anything. Most of the bad stuff is forged and you will just end up on a 

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you notice quickly if they don't!!!!

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