[CentOS] Outbound connections not using primary eth0 IP

Mon Aug 4 23:23:05 UTC 2008
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

Bill Campbell wrote:

> It's worth noting that some software allows one to specify the outgoing IP
> (e.g. using inet_interfaces in postfix or sourceaddress with innd).

That certainly makes sense when you have multiple IPs that are
routed by the same default gateway(most often in the same subnet, but it
appears that the OP had two different subnets from the same ISP
that could use the same gateway, I had a similar setup once but the
subnets were adjacent (two /28s right next to each other, as the ISP
wasn't willing to allocate a /27)).

Certainly not a situation I like to have to deal with(two different
subnets going to the same gateway), too complicated.