[CentOS] OT: Digital Video Editor for CentOS 5.2 - Suggestions?

Tue Aug 5 22:47:30 UTC 2008
Florin Andrei <florin at andrei.myip.org>

Akemi Yagi wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 2:26 PM, Lanny Marcus <lmmailinglists at gmail.com> wrote:
>> We are finally going to replace our VHS-C  Camcorder, with a Digital
>> Camcorder, tomorrow. Looking for suggestions,
>> for Digital Video Editor to use on CentOS 5.2. Preferably, something
>> in the CentOS or RPMForge repositories and easy to use. TIA!
> Cinelerra.  It is very powerful, and Dag kindly added to his repo
> quite sometime ago.

It is powerful, but if the digital camera is a FireWire-based 
standard-def DV camera, the right choice is Kino:


It is an editor specially made for standard-def DV material, it can 
interface directly with the camera, it can process DV material natively 
(lossless edit and stuff like that), can do projects, has filters and 
effects, can export in a variety of formats, etc.
You can find RPMs on dag.wieers.com and in some other places; Fedora 
should have the src.rpm as well.

Cinelerra is more of a "generic case" editor. Plus, it's quite buggy. ;-)

If the camera is high-def, then I suggest using a Windows-based 
application, especially if it's a newer AVCHD camera. Linux is not quite 
there yet in high-def; maybe something like Cinelerra or Kdenlive will 
work with older MPEG2 high-def systems, but you're pretty much on your own.

In fact, for pretty much anything except standard-def DV, Windows is by 
far the better option. Maybe either Cinelerra or Kdenlive will pick up 
speed and change the situation some time in the future.

Florin Andrei