[CentOS] I'm Stuck

Wed Aug 6 18:03:38 UTC 2008
Michel van Deventer <michel at van.deventer.cx>


On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 11:36 -0500, Bob Smither wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have an older Sony Vaio that I would like to install CentOS on.  The
> unit has a USB CD that can _not_ be used as a boot device (the Sony one
> could, but mine is an aftermarket CD and can't be used to boot).  It
> does have a floppy drive that it can boot from.
> The only network install method for CentOS that I can find uses a CD,
> not a floppy.
> Is there anyway to get CentOS on this machine?
Can you boot from USB stick? You then could use the Live CD, converted
to USB or use another bootable linux on it. As long as you have a
bootable partition where you can put a vmlinuz, initrd.img and grub,
you're in business.