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Thu Aug 7 23:19:34 UTC 2008
Brett Davidson <brett at net24.co.nz>

David Dyer-Bennet wrote:
> On Wed, August 6, 2008 13:40, Lanny Marcus wrote:
>> Hosts normally advertise a VPS as being almost like a Dedicated
>> Server. Lots of resources and lots of options. In this case,
>> without being able to use yum, it starts as a Security problem,
>> because he cannot update the packages that are
>> installed. His second problem is that he cannot install new software
>> with yum, which eliminates a lot of options. Unlike Shared Hosting,
>> which is Managed, someone with a VPS must Manage their VPS, as if it
>> was a Dedicated Server, or, pay someone to do that. But, how
>> would they manage it, without yum? It's much more difficult, without
>> yum. IMHO, he should look for a VPS with another provider, that allows
>> him to use yum, etc.
> FTP?  Rpm?  Ftp up a suitable yum rpm and install it.
> (Maybe it's really part of an active attempt to keep people from
> installing software, but on a virtual private server that'd be amazingly
> stupid; so I'm guessing, from a great distance and very little
> information, that it's something simpler like just not having installed
> yum.)
Almost certainly.
Depends on the VPS software as to whether yum is included in the base 
packages for each VPS or if you have to add it on as part of a 
"developer" set or such like.
VPS's are often used in an Enterprise setting to ease system 
administration and as such, these are often pared down feature-wise. 
Makes sense in some software-manufacturer's points of view to keep the 
base product lite and add on what you need. Others install the full shebang.
If the provider is not fully savvy about the product they are pushing, 
then they could easily miss things like this.


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