[CentOS] Question about Open SSH Public Keys

Mon Aug 11 06:09:59 UTC 2008
Dirk H. Schulz <dirk.schulz at kinzesberg.de>

You could start the ssh server on that machine with -vvv to get a 
detailled, verbose logging. That does not always lead to entries making 
clear what happens, but to entries you can use for googling (or asking 

I would also have a look at DNS - compare forward and reverse lookups (are 
they the same for the "from=..." entry?), does that Centos4-Box reach the 
DNS RELIABLY etc. SSH lies much emphasis on a working DNS.


--On 11. August 2008 15:50:38 +1200 Clint Dilks <clintd at scms.waikato.ac.nz> 

> Hi People
> I am setting up some systems with ssh public keys and as part of this I
> am using the from directive inside .ssh/authorized_keys.  Currently I am
> using the IP address to control the source.  eg from="" but on
> one CentOS 4 System that is up to date this will only work if I replace
> the IP with the DNS name of the server.  I have verified that DNS is
> resolving the DNS Name to the correct IP address on the server in
> question and all seems to be fine.
> Aside from this CentOS Box have only been able to test this out on some
> old FC6 Machines
>  and they behave as I expected.  Anyone got any ideas why this might be
> happening ?  I have compared the sshd config between the FC6 Machines and
> the CentOS Box and can't spot anything that would explain the issue.
> Thanks for any ideas, and have a nice day :)
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