[CentOS] df to get total disk usage on all filesystems?

Mon Aug 11 19:07:09 UTC 2008
Aleksey Tsalolikhin <atsaloli.tech at gmail.com>

Dear Sean,

  No, there isn't.   You'd have to parse the df output to get that
value.  I suggest using the -P switch to df, so you don't have to deal
with multi-line output per filesystem.

  The following will return kilobytes of disk space used (third column
in the df -kP output):

df -kP |grep -v ^Filesystem |awk '{sum += $3} END { print sum; }  '


On 8/11/08, Sean Carolan <scarolan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there a flag for the df command to get the total disk space used on
> all filesystems as one number?  I have a server with a lot of mounted
> shares.  I'm looking for a simple way to measure rate of data growth
> across all shares as one total value.
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