[CentOS] Sendmail with TLS, permission problem - SOLVED

Tue Aug 12 10:35:44 UTC 2008
Jussi Hirvi <greenspot at greenspot.fi>

Now I stumble on another problem (not fatal). I think it's only relevant to
dual-MTA setups (separate Sendmail daemons for receiving and transmitting

I don't find a way to enable STARTTLS (for the receiving sm-daemon) while at
the same time running the receiving daemon with the unprivileged user smmsp.
That is, I cannot use

    define(`confRUN_AS_USER', `smmsp:smmsp')dnl

in my thishost-rx.mc.

If someone knows a solution to this, please let me know. Otherwise I will
just sacrifice the extra security provided by smmsp, and run the receiving
Sendmail with the default user policy (started as root, confDEF_USER_ID is

- Jussi

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