[CentOS] Suggestion on Network Management software with troubleticket system

Tue Aug 12 23:30:48 UTC 2008
Meenoo Shivdasani <meenoo at gmail.com>

> In my current small-ish setting, I use Trac for tickets and documentation. I
> keep most configuration files in a Subversion repository (an export of which
> serves as the depot for cfengine) -- and Trac makes it easy to link between
> wiki pages, tickets, and repository revisions.

I second the recommendation for Trac + Subversion for ticketing,
documentation, + revision history.

> I don't think this setup would scale to a large organization, but it works
> just fine in smaller environments.

For a large organization that needs a full-blown ticketing system, RT
is applicable, but it's really cumbersome to set up if you just need a
fairly small system.

> Nagios, like cfengine, takes a while to get started, but does the job once
> it's up and running. Wolfgang Barth's book from No Starch Press can be handy
> to have around if you want an accessible introduction and reference.

And, for monitoring, I second the vote for Nagios -- very customizable.