[CentOS] Suggestion on Network Management software with troubleticket system

Wed Aug 13 01:07:27 UTC 2008
Fajar Priyanto <fajarpri at cbn.net.id>

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Nifty Cluster Mitch wrote:
> I suspect you need tracking, ownership, states (new, assigned, working, OMGH, fixed), attached documents, the ability to generate 
> reports and also solve the do you remember games when systems are down (documentation).....
> Network management is interesting.... If there is a problem with the
> network, bug systems and other "tools" may also be off line.    The classic
> way to monitor a network is to live on it and have a phone, Rolodex and pager
> handy to contact the other end of the wire.

Hello guys,
Thank you so much for the suggestions. All looks interesting and I've
downloaded them. It will be an exciting try-out.

After some thoughts, I hope I might be able to find one which answers these:
1. The status of servers (traffic, services, availability)
2. Network inventory (ip, users, host, host's specs)
3. Support ticket (connected to host and user) with history view, so we
can see the trend.
4. Knowledge base / documentation management

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