[CentOS] WUBI like process for CentOS ?

Wed Aug 13 03:05:37 UTC 2008
nate <centos at linuxpowered.net>

Fajar Priyanto wrote:

> In current days of distro like Ubuntu, Opensuse, and Mandriva, being
> "suitable" is not enough anymore (I think). Try install Centos on a
> notebook, and we will see that the wifi is not recognized. Sure as
> sysadmin we can do ndiswrapper, etc. But what will "ordinary" /
> first-timer say?

I don't know if this says anything, but as a linux user/admin for
more than a decade now, I still couldn't figure out how to get
wifi working in Ubuntu without that little network UI applet in
gnome. And yes I did try on several occasions, found some reference
documentation online, but none of it seemed to work. (GNOME is
not my desktop of choice so I wanted to figure this out, I ended
up just firing up a local VNC so I could login to gnome from
my desktop(afterstep) to control wifi when I needed it).

And that's with the OS fully detecting and supporting the underlying
hardware, and with a user who has absolutely no fear of the command
line. I'm sure I would of figured it out eventually it just wasn't
*that* important since I had a workaround.