[CentOS] Writable Centos LiveCD on Embeded Linux?

Sun Aug 17 14:55:32 UTC 2008
Oliver Schulze L. <oliver at samera.com.py>

Hi Johnny,
I was exploring some options to make the embeded platform boot faster.
Right now I'm using ext2 partitions(ext3 use more I/O), but when it is 
improperly it takes a little to boot(it runs fsck).

I was thinking that the LiveCD will help boot faster when the power goes
off, but now I realize that the ext2 solution will be better.

Thanks for all comments,

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> OK ... what would be the benefit of booting and updating the livecd as 
> compared to just installing and updating CentOS on the flash.
> There is nothing special about the RPMS on the LiveCD as compared to 
> regular CentOS.
> The only possible thing I see as an advantage would be the fact that 
> the OS was NOT WRITABLE .. however, by rolling in the overlay feature, 
> you would be over riding that.
> Am I missing something here?

Oliver Schulze L.
Asuncion - Paraguay