[CentOS] Win2000 / Win2003 ADS dnsHostName and servicePrincipalName

Mon Aug 18 21:17:48 UTC 2008
BlackHand <yonsy at blackhandchronicles.homeip.net>

nate wrote:
> Rob Townley wrote:
>> Over the weekend i gave up on CentOS and tried Fedora because Fedora
>> repositories have SaMBa 3.2, but CentOS only has 3.0.   SaMBa 3.2 supports
>> sasl sign and seal (hashing and encryption) and supports NTLMv2 better and
>> using winbind with ADS.
> Rebuild the samba src rpms on CentOS?
> I gave up on integrating windows+(insert any OS here) integration years ago,
> not worth the headaches.

less headaches

use Services For Unix in your AD.

if you need winbind, use the samba rpms from Sernet.


almost all my nightmares with integrations with AD+winbind was resolved 
with this ones.

Black Hand