[CentOS] [Request] mod_auth_ntlm_winbind

Tue Aug 19 22:34:09 UTC 2008
Morten Nilsen <morten at runsafe.no>

Rob Townley wrote:
> One of the other users posted about EnterpriseSamba.com.  Their repository
> is at *http://ftp.sernet.de
> http://ftp.sernet.de/pub/services/samba/README.txt
> Haven't tried it myself.  Then again, you are referring to using AD
> Authentication in a web browser, but i would think their package would
> eliminate some of the steps, anyway.

I'm uncertain as to what you are talking about, but, yes what I am doing 
is using NTLM to get seamless logon to web servers from clients that are 
logged into AD.

This is working quite fine, and there was little I had to do on CentOS,
I basically only installed mod_auth_ntlm_winbind, and everything was 
fine and dandy..

There was one little issue though, I had to turn on keepalive in httpd.conf