[CentOS] Best way to migrate a server?

Wed Aug 20 11:37:12 UTC 2008
Kevin Thorpe <kevin at pricetrak.com>

Rainer Duffner wrote:
> Kevin Thorpe schrieb:
>> I was just wondering what recommendations you have on migrating a 
>> CentOS 5 install between servers?
>> I've done similar in the past by setting up a minimal install in the 
>> new server, use tar to copy over the old install and reboot. I was 
>> thinking of rsync this time.
>> Is that an acceptable thing to do or have I missed something important?
> You can only sensibly do that using a live-CD on the 2nd server.
> Because, last time I looked, if you overwrote "important" libraries 
> that were in use at the time of overwriting, the server would just crash.
> At least, that's what happened with my backup-software back then.
> With a live-CD, you could also just pipe "dd" through netcat....

I must have been lucky and got away with it before. Live-CD sounds like 
the way to go. First time I've migrated a production server where I 
can't put the new drives in the old box to do the copy.