[CentOS] Simple IPTABLES Question

Thu Aug 21 06:28:36 UTC 2008
Jussi Hirvi <greenspot at greenspot.fi>

>> Fail2ban keeps up blacklists of ip:s that have failed authentication too
>> many times. What is "too many", and the duration of blacklisting can be
>> configured easily in /etc/fail2ban.conf.

Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com> escribio (20.8.2008 22:55)
> The installation is easy, but the configuration looks daunting. There's a
> bunch of "jails" and it looks like I need to study fail2ban's model to
> understand what those do.

What do you mean by "jail"? I didn't find that word in my fail2ban.conf
(dated "2005.06.21"). I needed to change the default conf only very slightly
(mainly time constants, on/off switches for tasks, and or log file paths).

- Jussi

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