[CentOS] Disk quotas for Sendmail

Thu Aug 21 11:31:56 UTC 2008
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Jussi Hirvi schrieb:
>> On 8/21/08, Jussi Hirvi <greenspot at greenspot.fi> wrote:
>> CentOS 5.x, Sendmail 8.13.8. <http://8.13.8.>
>> I would like to start using disk quotas on my Sendmail server, and optimally
>> they should be configurable by user or group. How can this be done? (I tried
>> to google, but no success.)
> Rudi Ahlers (rudiahlers at gmail.com) kirjoitteli (21.8.2008 13:55):
>> If each user's mail is stored in his homefolder, then you just need to enable
>> user quotas :) man quota & man mtab for the options
> Hei,
> The mail is not stored in home folders but in /var/spool/mail. I would
> rather keep it that way - and I'm not sure if storing mail in home folders
> would work for procmail (Sendmail's local mailer), dovecot (pop server) etc.


Other milters here:


I.e. MIMEdefang can rule quota decisions too, if you know a bit of perl.

An yes, using procmail as your LDA you can store user's mail spool in
their $HOME, either as mbox or maildir.

> - Jussi