[CentOS] General Linux query

Thu Aug 21 11:34:16 UTC 2008
Rainer Duffner <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

I can only answer some...

lingu schrieb:
> HI,
>   This is more general  linux  related topic ,  i want to know few  
> basic things.
> 1) How file systeem get corrupted on linux?

Hardware-problems. Loss of power. Bugs in FS ;-)

> 2)  why,when and how fsck to be run without lossing data?
> 3)  Is there is any other tool  other than fsck available for file 
> system check

Nope, you can just change filesystems.
(and platforms...)

> .
> 4)  what are all the precaution to be made to prevent file system 
> corruption.


> 5)  why & when the system will get hanged  and what are all the 
> possible reasons?

What do you mean by "will get hanged"?

>  If any one provide me suitable links providing all of the  above 
> information  in detail it will be quite usefull.

Is this your homework?