[CentOS] Per-user limits for port access

Thu Aug 21 11:46:30 UTC 2008
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Jussi Hirvi schrieb:
> Centos 5.x again...
> Is there a way to limit port access on a per-user basis? My practical goal
> is to limit, who is allowed to use SMTP AUTH in Sendmail. Any possible
> solutions appreciated...
> Obviously, limiting by ip will not work, since the very purpose of SMTP AUTH
> is to enable mail relaying for trusted users from *anywhere*.
> - Jussi

Pretty simple. If your intention is to define SMTP AUTH usage
independent from shell access (i.e. by SSH) - side node: really think
about whether it is a good idea to have user logins on your mail server
- you should use sasldb as your SASL backend. You have to create the
sasldb manually and this way you control who is permitted to relay remotely.