[CentOS] Disk quotas for Sendmail

Thu Aug 21 13:44:49 UTC 2008
Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org>

Jussi Hirvi schrieb:
> Jussi Hirvi (greenspot at greenspot.fi) kirjoitteli (21.8.2008 15:56):
>> I didn't find milterquota with yum so I guess I have to build it... The
>> Makefile asks me to locate a file that I cannot find:
>>> # change this to the object directory in the sendmail build
>>> treeSENDMAIL_OBJ=/usr/src/packages/sendmail-8.12.9/obj.Linux.2.4.21.i586
> Maybe I should add that my Sendmail is 8.13.8, not 8.12.9, as mentioned in
> that Makefile sample. Maybe file names in the Sm build have changed.
> - Jussi

The Sendmail objects directory is the one where the libmilter and libsm
subdirectories are inside. There should normally be no problem wit SM
8.12 vs SM 8.13 regarding the milter code.

What I would do is following: change this line in the Makefile

$(CC) $(OPTS) $(DEFINES) $(EFENCE) -o milterquota milterquota.c
$(SENDMAIL_OBJ)/libmilter/libmilter.a $(SENDMAIL_OBJ)/libsm/libsm.a -pthread

replace $(SENDMAIL_OBJ)/libmilter/libmilter.a
with /usr/lib64/libmilter.a
replace $(SENDMAIL_OBJ)/libsm/libsm.a
with /usr/lib64/libsm.a  OR  /usr/lib/libsm.a (if not x86_64 but i386

You need to "yum install sendmail-devel" to have these files. That
should be sufficient.