[CentOS] Re: Support policy CentOS 5

Fri Aug 22 07:42:34 UTC 2008
Patrick Derwael <patrick at derwael.be>

> I suggest you contact the vendor to verify whether or not CentOS 5.1
> and 5.2 and onwards are supported. I suspect if they support something
> as generic as "RHEL 5 ES" and they support CentOS 5.0 then they'll
> support all versions of CentOS 5.0. Since CentOS 5.2 is based off
> of RHEL ES 5.2.

In the past, Ensim used to be very strict on the OS version they support.
I guess Parallels would not be more flexible, but you are right, I will
double check... you never know !

> If not, then I suggest starting a subscription of RHEL 5 ES, or
> pick another software vendor that'll support you, or support
> yourself. I don't recall having any issues getting support from
> VMWare for ESX running CentOS guest VMs.
> nate

I dont expect issues at OS level (otherwise, I would go for RH), but
Parallels products can be very touchy when it comes to interaction with