[CentOS] RH's servers breached

Sun Aug 24 20:32:04 UTC 2008
Tony Wicks <tony at prophecy.net.nz>

>> I see an announcement for the packages on the announce list, but no more
>> information anywhere from the CentOS team (Planet or ML).  Are these
>> packages "just to be safe" or was there something actually found?
>There's a CVE associated with a different (unrelated) bug in how ssh
>handled forwarded x11 sessions. The upstream announcement is here ->
>So there are new packages anyway in spite of the other bits.

Hi all, have I missed something or is there a CentOS update for 5x but none
for 4x ? I've made sure my mirror is synced and looked around at a few
others but can't seem to see an update ?

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